Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears...
on 28-Aug-2013 I decided to take my homepage offline. Meanwhile, I have also configured my private mail client to send and receive encrpyted mails and have switched from Google Chrome to Mozilla's Firefox and set it up to anonymize my ip address and prevent websites from tracking me.
You are wondering why I took this decision ? It is a direct reaction on the confirmation that secret services and NSA and GCHQ to an extreme extent are monitoring all internet traffic, meaning scanning mails, phonecalls, following social media, etc. The list of crimes commited every single day is far too long to be listed here. If you are interested in further details, you might want to use internet search (better use duckduckgo instead of google) with the following keywords: Snowden, Prism, XKeyscore, Tempora.
Of course I am fully aware that my  defenses will not fully prevent the NSA from following my digital footsteps but by not using any social media and trying to remain as anonymous as possible  I hope to increase the effort required to crack my digital mail encryption, and to identify the human person behind the digital trace and when joined by others, boost up the cost for this illegal spying.
What makes things even worse is that politicians in countries targeted by these illegal activities, seem to completely ignore these violations of people's freedom and privacy. I can only belive that caused by their increasing age, they are driven by fear and an intensive desire to achieve 100% security accompanied by a complete lack of understanding the possibilities to remain anonymous in the digital world - if wanted. Hence, unfortunatley this security goal will never be achieved and as already stated by Benjamin Franklin in February 1775: "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." We - the people - being the sovereign have all right and obligation to remind our politicians on this given and make them understand that the discussion ist not over because they declare it to be over but only once we decide it so.  

 People all over the world understand and accept that 09/11 was a shock for the american nation. It was an unbelievable act of violance when the twin towers of the World Trade Center and the US Pentagon were attacked with passenger airplanes. Unfortunately this has lead to doubtful decisions including war against Iraq and Afghanistan and the bullheaded war against terrorism. Spokesmen and Responsibles from different security services try to convince us that this massive violation of privacy is necessary to win the fight against terrorism. But if we look at the details, we must not believe them. 41 billion records are being stored every single month and the initial number of terroristic acts being prevented since the beginning of Prism was 54, subsequently lowered to 12. Bearing in mind the mass data being collected, this is statistically irrelevant and does in no way justify the fort and money being spent on illegal activities to put all people around the whole world under general suspicion.

Something that surprised me is that there is so little uproar in the public against these activities. Unfortunately there is a another fraction of people who don't care as they believe they have nothing to hide. If only they knew how wrong they are. Those who can read data can also manipulate it at own will. We have already seen people being watched after they had used certain keywords in mail communication, publications or phone calls and we know that opportunities have been misused by employees of the secret services. Hence, let me quote something nice I found on the internet as a warning to all people:

 - First they censored the porn sites, and I did not speak out as I did not watch porn.
 - Then they censored the dissident sites, and I did not speak out as I was not a dissident.
 - Then they censored the alternative media sites, and I did not speak out as I got my news from the mainstream media.
 - Then they took control of the entire internet, and I could not speak out as freedom of speech was made illegal.

 -->> It’s never about protection, it’s always about control.